Artificial Intelligence for Legal Documents

Drag and drop your documents into the user-friendly platform and let the machine learning algorithms extract and link key information for you. Instantly.

Then, create advanced searches and in a single click find what you are looking for.

Created by legal experts

Customised & Searchable Data Management

Our user-friendly design combines with our state of the art machine learning models to minimise the time and resources required to deal with complex legal documents.

Artificial intelligence is here to assist you, let’s get your time back!


Comprehensive Coverage

Process a large number of documents. Supported documents are IMA, ISDA, GMRA, CMSA, CDEA, CSA, FIA and IMD. Get in touch for our roadmap on other formats or to request new ones.

Machine learning

Seamless Extraction

Automated extraction finds, extracts and links the correct fields and makes them searchable. This allows you to find exactly what you need when you need it.


Controlled Data Access

Security is our top priority. Our comprehensive data access controls allows customisable access so that your teams can work together effectively without compromising the data security policies.

Optimised design 

Keep it simple,
a user-friendly interface

Software that is easy to use (as it should be).
A drag and drop file uploader lets you upload a document from anywhere.

The system is build with the user in mind so that you can get to the correct data in as few clicks as possible.

Template Management Solution

Keep track of your templates, their versions and share them with others.

Work effectively as a team and keep all your templates in a single place.

Create them together or make an approved version for your team to use.

Artificial Intelligence

Using the latest natural language processing (NLP) techniques lets us understand a document the same way a human would.

Improved legal database

Store all your data in the cloud or get in touch for an on premise solution.

Risk mitigation

The detailed access controls makes sure only authorised users have access to certain documents.

Audit trail & version control

Keep track of all of your documents and their changes.

Advanced searches

Find the right documents with the right fields in a single mouse click.

Automated backups

Backups are regularly created to avoid data loss. You can trust us to keep your data safe.


Generate and download reports of the documents you require.

"The Doc Hawk is exactly what I have been looking for for years. I can simply drop a document in the platform and it automatically extracts all the right fields. No more manual extractions and no more dealing with looking for the latest version of a document. That the platform also keeps track of all of my templates is also a really neat feature. They really listen and build what we need."

A. Alemany, Chief Legal Officer

Everything in one place

A comprehensive platform with features you love

Smart Extraction
Advanced Searching
Automatic Scaling
Improved Work Process
Centralised Document Repository
Audit Trail & Version Control
Automatic Backups
Eliminate Document Loss
Legal Template Generator
Advanced Access Control
On-site or in the Cloud


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Doc Hawk

A state of the art machine learning platform that helps legal professional be more productive.


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