Artificial Intelligence for Legal Documents

It is extremely time consuming to manage large piles of legal documents and contracts. They quickly morph into static old documents without structure or purpose. Legal resources can be much better spent.

The Doc Hawk is an AI driven, user-friendly and fully customisable platform, designed to allow legal document users to automatically analyse, classify and extract static data. Creating a smart management database ready to provide accurate data analysis in a single click.

Created by legal experts

Customised & Searchable Data Management

Our user-friendly platform utilises state of art machine learning models to minimise time and resources spent on managing complex legal Documents.

Simply upload your documents and let the Doc Hawk platform extract and classify all the key Information immediately.

All extracted data points are available for searches and forms a building block for monitoring crucial legal data.

The Doc Hawk is here to assist you, Let’s get your valuable time back!


Comprehensive Coverage

Process a large number of documents with ease. Taking as starting point your company’s main types of legal documentation, the Doc Hawk progressive learning process adapts to cater all sorts of documentation.

Machine learning

Seamless Extraction

Automated extraction finds, extracts, links  and stores data from documents in structured formats making them searchable. This allows you to find information you want in a swiftly with no manual effort.


Controlled Data Access

Our comprehensive data access controls allows customisable access so that your teams can work together effectively in a well governed environment, allowing cross-team collaboration without risk of data loss.

Optimised design 

Keep it simple

Our platform is easy to use (as it should be). A simple drag and drop file function allows you to upload documents into the platform.

That’s it – job done, the platform deals with all the complex details for you and makes the content of your documents readily available when and as needed.

The outputs are easily searchable and extractable. The platform also allows you to view documents, side by side with the data extracted so you can have 100% assurance that data has been extracted correctly.

Template Management Solution

We are well aware of the issues that can stem from ungoverned templates.

Our platform allows you to keep a track of your templates, their versions and share them as required.

Work effectively as a team and keep all templates in a single place. Create them together or make an approved version for your team.

We offer a flexible framework to manage your templates.

Artificial Intelligence

Using the latest natural language processing (NLP) techniques lets us understand a document the same way a human would but way faster.

Improved legal database

Extract data from documents and store it in a structured database, host it on the cloud or on an in-house facility solution of your choice.

Risk mitigation

Having easy access to crucial information helps monitoring financial/legal exposures and ensures that risk is mitigated as soon as possible.

Audit trail & version control

Keep track of all your documents and their versions.

Advanced searches

Find the right documents and relevant data with a single click.

Automated backups

Backups are regularly created to avoid data loss. You can trust us to keep your data safe.


Easy reporting allows you to extract information from the documents in a swift timely manner. Reports can be generated for internal circulation, for clients or for regulators.

"Doc Hawk is a revolutionary software that does away with hours of time-consuming work. You can simply drop any document into the platform and it will automatically extract all relevant fields for you, saving tons on manual extractions! The best part? It also keeps track of your templates are never lost or outdated - which makes keeping track of your work easy."

Chief Legal Officer

Everything in one place

A comprehensive platform with features you love

• Smart Extraction
• Advanced Searching
• Reporting
• Automatic Scaling
• Improved Work Process
• Centralised Document Repository
• Audit Trail & Version Control
• Automatic Backups
• Eliminate Document Loss
• Template Centralised Database
• Advanced Access Control
• On-site or in the Cloud