We are a team of data, software engineers, artificial intelligence, legal and financial experts that have come together to create an awesome product.

Our Story

About What We Do & How We Got Here

The founders have built a solid partnership working at the same companies and on the same projects together. Their passion, vision and drive for change brought them together to create the Doc Hawk.  The platform is a fabulous amalgamation of their varied experience in artificial intelligence, software engineering, legal and finance spanning over decades.

Having worked in various sectors and witnessing how business users struggle due to the lack of meaningful solutions, we have put our experiences together to create a simple, useful and intuitive platform which will truly reduce manual efforts and eliminate painful work practices and need to use overcomplicated unfriendly interfaces in standardised IT solutions.


The Doc Hawk utilises artificial intelligence technology to extract crucial data from key documents and persists it in a structured format. The platform is designed to simplify data extraction, easy document management and improve monitoring.

Later versions of the platform are aimed at integrating back office and middle office functions to make organisations even more effective. We endeavour to continue to be a research company, with research going into NLP and machine learning to better understand human language and make our product more robust and useful in a wide variety of scenarios.



Meet Our Team

Passionate professionals changing their corner of the world.

Alejandro Alemany

Alejandro Alemany


Neri Van Otten

Neri Van Otten


Karthic Wood

Karthic Wood


A state of the art machine learning platform for legal professionals.


Creating the best artificial intelligence software with the best user experience for legal professionals.


Innovation, research and development are our core business. We push the boundaries of what is possible by constantly creating new machine learning models. We envision a world where we automate your work flows so you can focus on what really matters.


Our core values are innovation, user experience and integrity. We do what we say, build with our users in mind while create ground breaking technology that will revolutionise the legal industry.

Our story

A Bright Future Built On A Solid Foundation

How it started

Alejandro, Neri and Karthic build a solid partnership working at the same companies and on project together.

  • Establish Solid Partnership
  • Shared Work Ethic
  • Successful Completion Of Projects

What we did

Research & development. Working closely with users, experts and clients to really create the best product on the market.

  • New Machine Learning Technology
  • User Feedback sessions
  • Adding Support For Multiple Formats
  • Optimised Workflow

How it’s going

This is a big year for us.
Ready for expansion!

  • New Partners
  • New Clients
  • Website Launch
  • Expanding the Team