Designing and Building Data Science Solutions

Written by Neri Van Otten

Neri Van Otten is an experienced data scientist, software engineer, author and mentor. She has a special interest in natural language processing - automatically understanding large amounts of documents or text and making sure processes scale so that large amounts of text become truly useful.

April 8, 2022

Creating data science solutions can be challenging, including this one at the Doc Hawk. As an experienced data scientist, I have spent many years building and developing groundbreaking projects. I have also been mentoring others in the field on how to best succeed at their own projects. With this knowledge I wrote a free book, a guide for those embarking on their own data science journey. This book shares my learning and is highly recommended for decision-makers who are unsure about what to expect when embarking on their own journey.

Summary of the free ebook

For organizations, data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) can have game-changing effects, allowing them to improve operational efficiency, improve service quality, and better understand their customers. However, in order to reap these benefits, data science efforts must be carefully planned and implemented. These studies, while scientifically successful, frequently fall short in terms of business impact. Many company leaders are left feeling disturbed as they try to balance the necessity for innovation and the adoption of new technology with an uneasy level of uncertainty and danger of failure. The situation might be as unsettling for the data scientist, with questions about how to produce a successful project when the road is unclear.

Yet, if tackled in a rational manner, these uncertainties and risks – for both the business leader and the data scientist – may be controlled and managed. Hundreds of projects have been planned and delivered by your authors across a wide range of industries. We’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way, but we’ve learnt what works and where the main problems are. We produced this book to share our experiences in the hopes of assisting the reader – whether a data scientist or a business leader – in minimizing these risks and designing projects with the best possibility of success.

Much of the information in this book comes from classes we’ve taught to our pupils. We’ve compiled, organized, and elaborated on those pieces of advice here to serve as a resource for anyone considering a data science career. We discuss how we handle data science projects, including topics like business imperative alignment, project planning, project delivery, and success evaluation.

Data science is an exciting and exhilarating field, and for a company leader, it may bring about revolutionary changes in an organization, with tremendous returns on investment and increased value. Designing and delivering successful initiatives is exciting, stimulating, and extremely satisfying for data scientists. We hope that this guidance provides you the confidence to assess the risks and proceed with your project in a prudent manner.

Read the book for free!

The book can be read online for free here.

I’m also open to helping you on your journey, just get in touch below!

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